I see my work as an exploration of the picture plane; delving into that surface between wall and the environment and expanding that surface between the panel and the viewer. My drawings and paintings rise off the wall into three dimensions, forming shadows and caverns which in turn incorporate themselves into the the work itself.

Using surfaces of Tyvek, paper and canvas, I explore below them and expand them outward by heating, sanding, cutting, gluing and plastering their surfaces and incorporating the structure into the imagery. 

As a surgeon penetrates the skin, a barrier between what is human and what is not, I cut, sand, burn and burrow beneath the surface of the paper to expose its curiosities.

My work recalls cells and microorganisms, body cavities and organs, and bits and pieces of the natural environment. The marks, strokes, and added materials reflect complex rhythms, incongruities, and the relationships of evolving imaginary organic forms. View Portfolio

For more information about my process check out my video here