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Now That We Have Only This

  • Kingston Gallery 450 Harrison Avenue Boston, MA, 02118 United States (map)

May 2-27, 2018
Opening Reception: Friday, May 4, 2018, 5-8 pm

Galvanized by the chaos of environmental, social and political storms battering our country in the last year, Susan Emmerson has created imagery reflecting the terror of loss of home and community, and a feeling of vulnerability and powerlessness that can never be fully resolved. Using Tyvek, paper and canvas as materials, Emmerson's work pulsates with ferocity and energy, extending beyond the traditional picture plane, expanding into the gallery, beckoning the viewer to follow.

The structure and palpable process of Emmerson's multifaceted work resonates in its depiction of violence from natural storms, worsened by human mistakes, and their effects on our built environment and fellow humans. Her drawings and paintings rise off the wall into three dimensions, forming shadows and caverns; the heating, sanding, cutting, gluing and plastering of materials creates solidity while also evoking the destruction left by recent hurricanes and floods. The powerful works in Now That We Have Only This viscerally connect us through art to environmental events continuing to devastate Houston, Florida, Puerto Rico, and the fires and mudslides that have wrought havoc in California. Our unbreakable addiction to news and social media leaves us emotionally drained voyeurs to the suffering, the pain of destroyed homes, and profoundly disrupted lives. Susan Emmerson internalizes these feelings, knowing it's only a matter of time and chance before it becomes our own experience and we are left with only a cot in a shelter and memories to call home.

Homes Without Names: Doormat, 2018 

Homes Without Names: Doormat, 2018 

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